Wildcard Domains

With WebEnabled applications you can configure as many domains as you like for an application. One nice feature that WebEnabled offers is the ability to configure a wildcard for a given domain under the paid plans.

Use Case

You need to resolve any subdomain of mysite.com to your application at www.mysite.com (or just mysite.com). This way to do not have to add individual entries in the for subdomains of mysite.com.

In this case if a user types into their browser foo.mysite.com it will resolve to mysite.com. Or if they enter candy.mysite.com it will resolve to mysite.com. No matter what the user enters, the site will resolve to mysite.com and the exact same website.

How Does It Happen?

Following are the steps to configure a wildcard domain for one of your applications.

  • Login to your account on www.webenabled.com.
  • Find the application you want to manage the domains for.
  • Click on the Manage link and the application info page will load with a list of actions on the right side.
  • Click on the Domain Manage action.
  • Enter the domain you would like to configure with a wildcard as *.mysite.com
  • Click Add
  • You will then need to add an A record in your DNS that has a * as it's entry and the IP address provided on the Manage Domain's page. There is an article on WE that shows how to configure A records with a DNS.

Managing the domains associated with your application.