Why do I have to renew my applications every 30-days under the Trial Plan?

There are two big reasons why we've had to do this. First is economics. Second has to do with resources. Well, perhaps both have to do with economics.

Business Reason

WebEnabled like any other business needs revenue to survive. We have had too many people using our free Trial Plan as a service without providing anything in return for us. We have to pay for servers, developers, bandwidth etc. So this is one mechanism to encourage Trial Plan users to upgrade. If you like the service then you should upgrade and pay a reasonable fee. Besides you get a lot more features and resources. In addition, you no longer need to renew your applications every 30-days.

Resource Usage

Too many applications (i.e. vhosts) means a lot of processes on our servers that are running. In addition we find that a large contingent of our Trial Plan users create an application and then leave. This uses resources needlessly and also it can leave security problems for other WebEnabled users. For example, imagine a Drupal 6.11 site that is sitting idle for 6-8 months. This could be a big problem if an opportunistic hacker discovers it.

Sooo PLEASE. If you plan to use WebEnabled then upgrade. If not then we'll have to remove your unused apps for you. :-)