Using WinSCP / SFTP to access server files

Where can I get the software?

You can download WinSCP by visiting their webpage:
Please note that WinSCP can only be used on a Windows operating system.



If you need to run WinSCP as an installed application, download the Installation package binaries.


If you don't want to install it, or if you prefer to run it on a portable drive, download the Portable executables.

Using WinSCP

WinSCP supports SFTP -- a secure protocol that allows you to transfer files over the internet. When you create an application on WebEnabled, your app is assigned an SFTP username and password which you can use.

Access your WebEnabled app-files via SFTP

Step 1: Open WinSCP

Step 2: Create an SFTP session
  1. If you haven't done so, click the "New" button to add a new SFTP session.
  2. Fill in the following fields:
    • Host name -- the server where your app lives
    • User name -- the shell username assigned to your app.
    • Password
    • Port number (leave default)
    • File protocol (make sure it's SFTP)
  3. Click "Save" if you want to store this session. Otherwise, click "Login" to proceed.

Step 3: Manage your files

If the access information you provided is correct, WinSCP will load your application's files & folders.

Cool stuff you can do

Upload, Download and Sync files

WinSCP allows you to drag-and-drop files from your local machine, and vice versa.

The Synchronize command provides you the option to sync your local files to the remote server.

Pack & Unpack files

Edit Files

Change or alter permissions

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