Using Tunnelier: advanced all-in-one SSH client (Windows)


You can get Tunnelier by visiting their webpage:
Bitvise Tunnerlier's download page
A portable version is also maintained
on this site.

After installation, launch Tunnelier and follow the quick-guide below.

Key Tasks

Create and Manage Profiles

Managing more than one SSH/SFTP accounts?

Fear not. Load, edit, and manage server profiles and save it as .tlp files for later use.

Want to get started quickly?

Leaving most default settings:

  1. Fill the Host, Username and Password*.
  2. Click [Login button] when done.

*make sure to enter valid SSH/SFTP credentials.

**check 'Store encrypted password in profile' to safely save a passkey.

TIP: access 'Use keypair manager' to use OpenSSH key authentication.

Use built-in tools

Upon successful login, remote connection is up-and-running.

Tunnelier provide tools to access and manage remote files.

[Open New Terminal Console]
will open a terminal window for you command-line needs.
[Open New SFTP Window]
to initiate the file-management interface.

There are more advanced usage of Tunnelier.
Click here for more.

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