Using Navicat to access remote database on your desktop

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Navicat is a desktop software that enables you to access databases locally (database hosted on your machine) or remotely (database hosted on an online server).

This database-client software provides you with the most common database-related queries and operations. It supports MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, and Oracle database.

Download the version compatible to your machine (Windows / Linux / Mac). Please note that they offer a lite version which is free for non-commercial use.

Connecting your WebEnabled database

1) After installing Navicat, open the program and create a new MySQL connection.

2) In the GENERAL tab be sure to fill the fields correctly.

  • Host Name/IP Address -- localhost (default)
  • Port -- specific to your environment. Check your WebEnabled site/environment's overview page
  • User Name -- your environment's w_username
  • Password -- your environment's MySQL database password

Check "Save Password" if you don't want to be asked for the password every time you connect.

NOTE: Connection will not work yet. See next step.

3) Click the SSH tab. Provide your environment's SSH/SFTP credentials.

  • Check "Use SSH Tunnel" -- to tell Navicat to use this feature
  • Host Name/IP Address -- where your site is hosted. If your site's url is, enter
  • Port -- 22 (default for SSH connections)
  • Authentication Method: Password
  • Password -- your environment's ssh/sftp password

Why is this necessary?
To make server connections secure, access the database server by tunneling through your environment's SSH (secure shell) connection.

4) Click Test Connection.

If you entered the MySQL and SSH credentials correctly, you'll see this message:

Congratulations! You are now able to access your environment's remote database.

Your are now able to...

View and modify tables

Execute database operations

And do so much more!

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