Using FileZilla

We have a learning video for this article!

We have a video that will explain using filezilla for accessing your WebEnabled environment.

Get FileZilla

You can download FileZilla for your operating system at:

Access WebEnabled environment via SFTP

Use the Quickconnect bar

  1. HOSTSFTP://
    • for example: if your site's FQDN is:
      • host will be s
    • for example: w_marcky is the username for
  3. PASSWORD — provided to you during site-creation
    • forgot your sftp password? Visit your WebEnabled site's control-panel and click 'Reset Shell Password'.
  4. PORT — leave blank (defaults to 22)

Finally, click 'Quickconnect' to access the remote files using your site's SFTP credentials.

First time accessing the site?

Click OK when being asked to add the host-key.

Congratulations. You're now connected!

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