Using Beyond Compare to access server files

What is this software?

Beyond Compare is a desktop-based utility software that allows you to compare (as the name says) files & folders. But it goes "beyond" that, which makes it more useful than other file-comparison software.

What does it do?


  • synchronize folders [link]
  • compare files (text, code files, image, audio, even binary) [link]
  • merge files [link]

It's available for trial & commercial use under Windows and Linux systems. The trial copy is not bad at all since you get the features of the full version. When you hit the 30-day trial limit, it will still work -- but it does remind you to consider buying every time you start the software.

Ease of Use

After a very quick install, get ready to compare to your heart's desire.

Using Beyond Compare

Access your WebEnabled app-files via SFTP

Step 1: Open Beyond Compare
Step 2: Choose "Folder Compare"

Step 3: Enter your SFTP username & password

Type sftp://username@server-address -- matching the pattern shown above. And then press the enter key.

You will then be asked for your sftp password.

Step 4: Manage your remote files

Enjoy the many actions and operations you can do with Beyond Compare!

Cool stuff you can do

Upload & sync files from your local machine to your app-space

View, Compare, & Edit local-to-remote files

Extract and sync archive files to folders

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