Our Hosting Usage Policy Explained

For ALL our SHARED hosting plans we offer a defined amount of space and bandwidth.

All this really means is that we want you to use our storage for files that are directly related to the applications hosted on our servers.

We also reserve the right to shutdown applications (or request that they be upgraded to a different plan) hosted on our servers that are hogging bandwidth, CPU, memory, or disk I/O. This is especially true for our Developer Plans which are meant for DEVELOPMENT -- not for deploying production sites.

Development Plans

Our Development Plans are meant just for that. Please try to be considerate of the fact that disk, memory, CPU, bandwidth, etc. are limited resources. We will continue to add to our infrastructure as required, but we also ask that you don't get careless with your application development process.

Feel free to deploy as many applications as you like, but please do not be wasteful. Help us out by:

  • Deleting applications that you are not using anymore.
  • Creating applications only when you plan to use them.
  • Not hogging resources carelessly.

And honestly... If you really need more than the alloted bandwidth and/or storage and are using it productively... then we may not really care...
BUT if you are blatantly wasting resources then you just might face our wrath...


Our Pledge

We are developers. Not marketers. We plan to do the following:

  • Keep our infrastructure up to date.
  • Keep our infrastructure running all the time.
  • Adding new features for everyone to have fun AND be more productive.