How it Works

WebEnabled workflow overview.

Manage your sites

Each account gets its own WebEnabled address (i.e. to login and it's automatically secured by SSL (https). Manage your projects and applications from your WebEnabled Dashboard. Create as many projects as you need for organizing all your applications and teams. Each project conveniently lists all your applications. Access to relevant information and actions.

Environment management panel

Each application has a management page. View the critical information. All the necessary actions. Add and manage team member access.

Add team members & collaborate

Add Team Members to individual projects so they can access your Dashboard and collaborate. Team Members can have admin status on any project. This allows them to also manage users, create new applications, and more... Grant individual Team Members access to an application so they can develop, design, test, whatever. Team members who do not have admin status on a project can access only the applications they have been granted access to.