Compress files & folders using eXtplorer


Before proceeding with this guide, install & configure eXtplorer on your site.
Below are tips on how to archive files or folders using eXtplorer's web-interface.

TIP: Select files by clicking files or folders

On the Browsing Directory: select the files to be included in the archive-file to be produced.
  • Shift + Click = select items (files/folders) in between mouse-clicks.
  • Ctrl + Click = toggle individual selection of items.
Click [Show Directories] to include folders in the selection.

TIP: Use the Archive tool to compress files

Click the [Archive] button.

Alternatively, right-click the selection, to see the [Archive] button.

In the Archive item(s) dialog-box, the archive is produced when clicking [Create] button.
  • selected items will be included in the archive.
  • CAUTION: if there's an archive with the same file-name, it will be replaced.

TIP: Copy or Move files by dragging

Drag and drop items to a destination folder on the Directory Tree.
After doing so, eXtplorer asks for follow-up actions: "Copy" or "Move"
Drag properly to avoid losing track of files.

TIP: Create folders when needed

If you need to create new folders (before or after archiving), do so by right-clicking the directory tree and selecting [New File/Directory].

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