Enabling IonCube Loader

Following is a howto article for enabling IonCube. This PHP module is not enabled by default. Substitute w_USER for the appropriate web username.

1. Created a local version of php-cgi-fcgi.ini using the following command.

$ cp /opt/php/config/php-cgi-fcgi.ini ~w_USER/public_html/USER/

2.Added the following line to the beginning of ~w_USER/public_html/USER/php-cgi-fcgi.ini.


When php-cgi-fcgi.ini is found in the working directory, it overrides global php-cgi-fcgi.ini, which will happen when PHP scripts residing in ~w_USER/public_html/USER/ will be accessed via HTTP. If there is a need to run PHP scripts in some subdirectory under ~public_html/USER/, then php-cgi-fcgi.ini must be copied there as well.

Additional notes are as follows

  1. The ioncube loader extension is selectively enabled for scripts residing in the ~w_USER/public_html/USER/ directory using the config file ~w_USER/public_html/USER/php-cgi-fcgi.ini.
  2. If youy need to run PHP scripts that require this extension in any subdirectory, you should copy php-cgi-fcgi.ini to those subdirectories as well.
  3. Should you need to disable the ioncube loader extension, this can be done by removing php-cgi-fcgi.ini.
  4. If you are on a VPS or server that you own then you can enabled this extension globally by un-commenting this line in /opt/php/config/php.d/00-ioncube_loader.ini: "zend_extension=/opt/php/extensions/2006061/ioncube_loader_lin_5.2.so"