Delete a site

Deleting a site (which is also "deleting a project") is done with these steps:

  1. visit your WebEnabled site-project's [Overview] management page.
  2. click, [Site Settings] tab.
  3. find the Delete site link and click it.
  4. you will be asked to confirm this action by clicking the DELETE button.

Why delete a site?

  • when you no longer need site or project, or to free up environment space
  • when your build-request failed without build-recovery options

When not to delete a site?

  • if you think the build-request is recoverable, or if you need our sysadmins to help -- submit a ticket instead
  • if you do not have a backup of your site, create a manual backup first before deleting the project
  • if there is an active version-control repository tied to your site/project, clone it before deleting the project