Configuring Dreamweaver to Access your Application

This article will describe how to setup Dreamweaver to access your WebEnabled applications. This is for CS3, but the process is similar for other versions of Dreamweaver. You will need the application SFTP login and password and also the address to access the application as shown below.

Information needed to login to your application when it is first created.

Create a new site

Startup Dreamweaver. Select "Site" -> "Manage Sites" from the top menu.

Creating a new site from the top menu in Dreamweaver CS3.

New site

The Manage Sites dialog will popup. Choose "New" -> "FTP & RDS Server".

Configure Server

The configure server dialog will prompt you for the host, the login/user and the password. Make sure to check the "Use secure FTP (SFTP)" checkbox. Click "Ok" when complete.

Ready to edit and manage

You can now edit and manage your files on the right side.