Configuring Aptana to Access your Application

This article will describe how to setup Aptana to access your WebEnabled applications. You will need the application SFTP login and password and also the address to access the application as shown below.

Information needed to login to your application when it is first created.

Create a new site

Startup Aptana. In the "File" tab on the upper left pane right click on "FTP" and choose "Add New SFTP Site..."

Creating a new FTP connection.

New site

The new FTP site dialog will popup. Enter the information for your application. Be sure to leave the Remote Path field blank. When you are done click the "Save" button.

Browse the files

You will now see the application under the list of FTP connections available to browse in the upper left corner. Browse to a file and double-click on it to open the file in the editor.