Security, Reliability & Backups

Status updates when things go wrong

We do everything we can to avoid mistakes and outages, but they do happen. We're very open and honest when issues happen and offer multiple support and status options. Follow @webenabled on Twitter We use Twitter as a tool for posting updates and announcements. Make sure to follow us to get the latest updates and status alerts if there are any know...

Is my data safe and secure?

All subversion, development hosting and servers are hosted at Hurricane Electric data centers. Our production servers are hosted at Data Pipe. We provide multiple levels of backups and redundancy. This includes: High-speed, redundant network storage SSL encryption on the web and version control server Separately hosted Help system and Public site...

Backups, redundancy and restores

WebEnabled provides several different and simultaneous backup solutions. Nightly backups on a 7-day rolling basis Each of our servers is backed up nightly on a seven day rolling basis to a SAN at separate data center. Redundant Storage Backups are stored in a SAN at a separate data center. Manual VHOST Backup & Restore