MySQL & Database

Can't connect to MySql on localhost?

Can't connect to MySql on localhost? Try using instead of localhost. Because when you use "localhost" mysql tries to connect to a local socket, that is not available in the default location in our service. For example: this->connection = mysqli_connect("", "w_username", "my_password", "database name", mysql_port); Remember to...

Using Navicat to access remote database on your desktop

Get Navicat Navicat is a desktop software that enables you to access databases locally (database hosted on your machine) or remotely (database hosted on an online server). This database-client software provides you with the most common database-related queries and operations. It supports MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, and Oracle database.

Manually configuring your application to access the MySQL database

Let's say that you want to upload and install a new application. To do this you need the MySQL information: host, port, username, and password. Following is where you will find these values. Host: Port: In ~/.my.cnf. This is available from your dashboard on the Manage screen for your application. Username: Same as the SSH/SCP/SFTP usernam...

MySQL Remote Access (using SSH tunnel)

This brief article describes how to use an SSH tunnel ( to connect to your MySQL database. Open a Terminal (or Putty in Windows) $ ssh -L 3307: Password: <enter the password and leave the login open>

Enabling InnoDB with a MySQL table

The default storage engine for WebEnabled vhosts is MyISM. The reason for this is because most applications use MyISM and InnoDB requires a lot more storage and memory. If you need to use InnoDB as a storage engine then you currently have two options. CREATE TABLE customers (a INT, b CHAR (20), INDEX (a)) ENGINE=InnoDB; ALTER customers ENGINE = In...

MySQL max_allowed_packet error

$ mysql drupal < db_file.sql ERROR 1153 (08S01) at line 789: Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes Solution $ mysql --max_allowed_packet=32M drupal < db_file.sql

MySQL Basics with a WE Application

How do I get access to my MySQL Login as the shell user and type mysql at the command prompt. Your application MySQL user information is stored in .my.cnf and .mysql.passwd. There are two users that are added to the MySQL instance for your application. One of them goes by the name w_user. w_user only has access to the database(s) that your applicat...

Accessing your Application MySQL Database

The process is straighforward: 1. Login via SSH to your application using your credentials. 2. Type the following at the command prompt: $ mysql Note that your MySQL credentials are stored in .my.cnf and .mysql.passwd in the home directory. This is for your convenience, but remember that it is important to protect the login with a secure password...