Getting Started

Setting up Git

Check out this video on how to setup GIT for your website:

FTP not working?

WebEnabled doesn't support FTP because of security issues with it. However, we do support SFTP (Secure FTP). Google for "Free SFTP client software" and download, install, and use it to connect to your WebEnabled site/server. Also, see these articles:

Delete a site

Deleting a site (which is also "deleting a project") is done with these steps: visit your WebEnabled site-project's [Overview] management page. click, [Site Settings] tab. find the Delete site link and click it.

Submit an App to our library

1) Create a trial or a Dev account on WebEnabled 2) Start a blank app (comes with a db) 3) Rename the database to "drupal" (for Drupal-based profiles. 'wordpress' for WP profiles, and so on) 4) Install your distro 5) Run (see 6) Test your app 7) Send us a link with t...

Site Terms & References

App / Application short for "application". a environment hosting a web-application. Clone the process of creating a duplicate copy of an environment. CMS "Content Management System" CMS on Wikipedia Dashboard a page presenting an overview of the user's account and applications. Deploy the process of pushing or staging application component...


What is a clone? A clone is an exact copy of a site under a different URL. How do I make a clone? There are two ways you can clone a project: A: Clone an existing application on your account. B: Clone a shared application

Creating your account

Welcome to WebEnabled! Creating your WebEnabled account Click on Sign Up on our homepage. You will then be directed to a form to choose a plan. You can change your plan at anytime. Once you select your plan you will be directed to a sign up form and enter your personal information, set up your username and password, set your account name and WebEna...