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Utilizing different drush versions

Sometimes you need to use a different drush version on your project. You may use the alias method, for example: alias drush5="~/bin/drush-5.4/drush" Where in this case you unpacked drush-5.4 archive/source-files inside the bin folder on your site's remote directory. With this alias, you can call drush5 to load this specific version of drush via she...

Upload Drupal modules or themes with eXtplorer

NOTE: You need to have eXtplorer installed & configured on your environment before following this guide. Why use this method? User-friendly If you're not familiar with Drush or comfortable using the command-line, eXtplorer is a light-weight alternative. Robust alternative It gives you access to a range of file-management tools, at the convenien...

Deploying your Pressflow application to a Pantheon AMI

This article describes how to deploy your Pressflow application from WebEnabled to a Pantheon AMI (Amazon Machine Image). The first step is to instantiate a Pantheon AMI. Then you need to use your Dashboard at WebEnabled to deploy your Pressflow application to it. Procedure for creating a fresh Pantheon instance Before getting started you may also...

Does WebEnabled support Drush with Drupal?

We also have a video for this article! Video explains basic Drush usage in WebEnabled environment. Yes. All of our Drupal variants (5.x, 6.x, Acquia, Pressflow, etc.) come with Drush pre-installed globally. You can learn more about Drush. Browse the project page to learn more: http://drupal.org/project/drush.

Why can't I delete the sites folder and settings.php file in my Drupal install?

This is actually a security feature built into Drupal. Upon configuration/installation it sets restrictive permissions on the sites folder and settings.php. You may reset the perms by running fixwebperms.sh or manually changing the permissions on those files.