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Everything You Need for Online Publishing

OpenPublish has been designed to meet the needs of any publisher – whether large newspaper, TV news site, niche information publication or something in between. It is a flexible solution easily tailored to fit any organization’s needs.

OpenPublish allows editors to quickly and easily manage and publish content. From custom content types to asset management to source document integration, publishing rich content is made simple.

With features like in-stream advertising, social networking applications, and RSS feeds, content syndication and audience engagement are accomplished with minimal work, to maximum effect.

Whether you're building a high-traffic site or integrating a 3rd party search, OpenPublish is extensible and integrates well with many of the most popular and useful current tools for enterprise publishing sites. OpenPublish works with:

  • Apache Solr (faceted search index)
  • Pressflow (Drupal performance enhancement)
  • Open source cache technologies for performance (e.g. Memecached and Varnish)
  • Content Delivery Networks like Akamai