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OpenAid is a turnkey website platform designed to help NGOs and other non-profit organizations create cost-effective program-focused websites quickly. Use the platform to easily establish a feature-rich web presence that highlights your organization's work.

OpenAid provides a modern responsive theme and commonly-needed functionality to allow organizations and programs to launch new sites without the need for extensive custom development. You can also use it as a starting point to build your own custom sites faster, borrowing from the theme and features provided by OpenAid to create your own.

The core features of OpenAid include:

Author and Staff Profiles
Image Galleries
Multi-Author Blog
Partner profiles
Resource Library
Responsive Theme
The platform also includes blocks for social media links, a pre-configured WYSIWYG editor, spam blocker and other useful supporting features. OpenAid is mobile-friendly out of the box, using responsive design techniques to adapt the design seamlessly for mobile browsers.